SunMorfee(TM) V Flame retardant polycarbonate insulation sheet

SunMorfee™ V series is eco-friendly flame retardant polycarbonate (FR-PC) insulation sheet without using brominated or phosphate frame-retardant agent.

SunMorfee™ V

UL Registration


  • SunMorfee ™ V has an extremely high level of flame retardancy among non-brominated insulation sheet. We have established flame resistance as UL94 V-0 at 0.40mm or above thickness.
  • SunMorfee ™ V is eco-green material using non- brominated retardant and non - phosphate retardant.
  • Maintains excellent heat stability and the same mechanical properties of polycarbonate resin

Thermal conduction sheet

The themoplastic elastomer themal conduction sheet Sunmorfee T™ is a silicon free sheet with excellent heat conductivity, flame resistance, and electric insulative properties.

SunMorfee™ T

UL Registration


  • Excellent heat conductivity, flame retardent properties(UL94 V-O), electric insulator
  • Silicone free (siloxane free)
  • Sufficient rigidity for easy handling

Sun Delta news

October 1st, 2014
【Guangzhou Nagase Trading Ltd. Chongqing Branch】Moving Information
November 21st, 2011
SanMorfee V™ revised RTI resistration to thickness range 0.1~0.3mm